Best of Peru

Batán Grande 
Comprised of twenty pre-Inca adobe pyramids and sitting at the heart of an ancient algarrobo forest, Batán Grande was the source of most of the fabulous golden grave treasure discovered during the twentieth century.

The legendary lagoon at Huacachina is a quiet, secluded spot with salty waters and mud that have been used for healing over many centuries.

Máncora Beach 
Peru's most popular surfing haven, Máncora is a groovy stopover when travelling on the north coast - equipment can be hired locally.

Hiking in the Huaraz region 
Huaraz is the place to try out andinismo, a distinctive Andean version of alpinismo based on the extensive mountaineering and trekking routes among Peru's highest snow-capped peaks.

Jungle-locked Iquitos offers fascinating examples of European architecture built during the rubber boom a hundred years ago. These days it has a lively nightlife and excellent rainforest tourism facilities.

Taquile Island 
Almost 13,700ft above sea level, Taquile is an ancient jewel in the waters of Lake Titicaca - the local Indians speak in whispers and, apart from a few solar electric panels, there's only llama power.

Inca Trail 
The Inca Trail is just one of innumerable footpaths that snake across the Peruvian Andes, but its climactic end point - the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu - draws trekkers from around the world.

Machu Picchu 
Machu Picchu may be a symbolic cliché for South American tourism, but the magic of this Inca citadel's splendid pre-Colombian architecture and breathtaking subtropical mountain setting live up to the hype.

Colca Canyon 
The deepest canyon in the world at over 1km from cliff edge to river bottom, Colca boasts some of Peru's finest Andean scenery and is the most reliable place for wild condor spotting.

Famous for the ancient geometric and animal designs etched into the surrounding desert plateau, Nazca is the gateway to many more mysterious pre-Inca sites and ceremonial centres.

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