Marcahuasi: everything you need to know to visit this enigmatic plateau

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A destination near Lima. Discover how to get there, what to enjoy and how to get the most out of this stone jungle.

Have you set your destination yet? Marcahuasi is your choice. In this note, we tell you what you should know before deciding to visit this enigmatic plateau. Described as a magical place, year after year it is marked as a favorite tourist destination.

Located in the province of Huarochirí, Marcahuasi requires us to be in good physical health. No wonder, as its 4,000 meters above sea level may affect us if we are not used to the altitude. So get ready and write down the advice we give you in this note.

How do you get to Marcahuasi?
  • Located east of Lima, the trip usually takes four hours. The first thing you have to do is get to Chosica. You can find buses or colectivos at Paseo Colón. The buses will charge you 3 soles and the minivans, between 6 and 7 soles. The trip is on the Carretera Central.
  • Once you get to Chosica, you should head to Parque Echenique. There you will find buses to San Pedro de Casta. The fare is usually 10 soles. This is the final destination you must reach before heading to Marcahuasi.

Finally, when you are in San Pedro de Casta, you must go to the Marcahuasi tourism module and pay your entrance fee. The reference rates are:
  • Minors: S/5
  • Adult Nationals: S/10
  • Foreigners: S/20

This is the only way to start your walk to the magic destination. The stretch usually lasts between three and four hours. Remember that on holidays, car prices usually vary. Generally, they increase the price from 3 to 5 soles more per route.

What's in Marcahuasi?
  • Disconnection. Monuments, lagoons, animals and a long walk are offered by this tourist destination. Big stones like the Monument to Humanity, The Amphitheater and The Fortress are some places you should visit during your stay.
  • In the whole plateau, which has an extension of four kilometers, you can find stones with humanoid forms and animals such as El Propheta, Las Focas, El Sapo and much more.
  • You will also find lagoons. There you can see various animals such as vicuñas and vizcachas. In addition, the plateau houses pre-Hispanic remains such as chullpas funerarias and La Fortaleza.

The best thing you can do in Marcahuasi is to take advantage of the walk and enjoy the disconnection in this magical place. The stars, for example, will be your best company at night.

What is the best season to go to Marcahuasi?
  • The best time to visit this enigmatic plateau is between the months of April and October. It is not recommended to go between the months of December and March, since it is the rainy season.
  • If you want to see the lagoons, it is not advisable to go from July to October, as most of them will be dry.

What to take to Marcahuasi?
  • Preparation is important for this trip. San Pedro de Casta is the last place to stock up on what you need. Once you leave for Marcahuasi, you won't find anywhere else to shop. There are no tourist services along the way.
  • Therefore, you must take everything you will need. Food, water, warm clothes, medicines and, above all, a 'four season' tent, if you plan to stay overnight. It should not be a beach tent, since if you spend the night in this type of tent, you will not be able to sleep because the temperatures drop to zero degrees centigrade.

Dare to escape for a weekend and discover the wonders of a destination near Lima.