Do you like experiential tourism? Dare to visit Laraos

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If you are one of the people who loves to enjoy beautiful landscapes, walk looking at the beauty of nature and do adventure sports, then Laraos) is the place to go sightseeing and enjoy your next vacation or some days off.

HOW TO GET THERE - There are two ways and then we tell you.
  • First route - This consists of leaving from Lima and passing through Cañete, Lunahuaná, Zuñiga, Catahuasi, Magdalena and Tinco, until reaching Laraos. The trip takes approximately 6 to 7 hours, but it is worth it, because all the way you will see beautiful landscapes.

 Zuñiga, waterspors, Peru
  • Second route - Start leaving through Lima, then go through Chosica, Ticlio, La Oroya, Jauja until you reach Huancayo. When you get to that place, you must go on Route 22 consisting of Chupaca, San José de Quero, Tinco Yauricocha, Tomás and Alis, until you find a detour that will take you to Laraos.

San José de Quero, Peru
TOURISM - You can see Rock Paintings
They are in the Quilkaska Cave, which is located at a height of 4396 meters above sea level and at a distance of 18.5km from the town of Laraos.
  • Pumacocha Cavern Located at 4350 meters above sea level and 17 km from Laraos. It is said to be the deepest in South America
  • Cochapampa Lagoon It is located next to Laraos and is one of the most beautiful you can find. If you go in the rainy season (January-June), you will see it full.