Machu Picchu plastic free

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With this objective, the standard for the reduction of single-use plastic, which promotes the responsible consumption of this material in state entities, came into force.
The measure - approved last November 5 - seeks to make visitors aware of the damage caused by plastic waste to our environment, especially in places and areas of high traffic of tourists, such as Protected Areas and tourist attractions of Peru , among which is the fascinating Inca citadel.

Recycling garbage in Machu Picchu
In addition, this measure will contribute to the care of the ecosystems and biodiversity of these spaces that have an incomparable natural wealth.
  • Useful tips to reduce the use of plastic
  • Change the canteens for disposable bottles.
  • Carry a good backpack: in addition to being more comfortable than the bags, they have greater capacity.
If yours are not backpacks, you can carry a wallet or cloth bags. Take your food in reusable containers.

Plastic free on Machu Picchu 

Reducing the use of plastic is very easy and its impact is enormously positive for the environment. It is up to each of us to keep the wonderful cultural heritage of Peru in good condition and to leave future generations a legitimate testimony of world history.