Tourist destinations within Peru

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is one of the great centers of ancient pre-Hispanic civilization. The civilization of this area flourished along the Pacific coast 3000 BC. Many civilizations like the Moche, Chavin, left fascinating ruins and artifacts. The most famous ancient ruins in Peru were built by the Incas, who emerged in the 15th century and would form the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.

Located near Ica, is a small town that surrounds a small natural lake and has impressive sand dunes. The big attraction here is the opportunity to go sandboarding and take a buggy ride on the sand dunes.

The great mud city of was the largest city in pre-Columbian America. It is estimated that around 30,000 people lived in the city. The center of Chan Chan consists of several walled citadels that housed ceremonial rooms, burial chambers and temples. The city was built by the Chimu around 850 AD and lasted until its conquest by the Inca Empire in 1470 AD.

According to some, the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is the best destination for an adventure vacation, just like its counterpart Manaus. The starting point for a boat tour of the Amazon in Peru is Iquitos, the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. That leaves planes and boats as the main means of entry and exit for people and supplies.

One of the most beautiful and impressive historical sites in the world, Machu Picchu is the undisputed number one among Peru's most important tourist attractions. The "" is invisible from the Urubamba valley and is surrounded by agricultural terraces and watered by natural springs. Although known locally, Machu Picchu was largely unknown to the outside world before being rediscovered in 1911 by historian Hiram.