Eat in lima typical dishes of Peruvian gastronomy

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Peruvian food has always been in fashion with its delicious recipes that are a boom among the inhabitants of the country. Eating in Peru is always a delight when trying their traditional dishes.

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Before continuing, let me tell you that I have lived in Lima, and I had a great time with its extensive culinary offer in several of its best restaurants and market stalls with its varied prices. Also, when I lived in Iquitos, many times I had to take a plane there, just to satisfy the gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins.
Start with this flag dish, considered National Heritage. Everyone knows and is inspired by this delight that satisfies (even with few ingredients) even the most demanding palate. There are variants of fish Ceviche: mixed (with seafood), with chicken, even with alpaca. Peruvian mixed ceviche in a restaurant in Sydney, Australia.
Peruvian Fish Ceviche

Cause Filled
Peru has a variety of potatoes (potatoes) and the Causa Rellena is based on this versatile Andean tuber. It is a form of a cake and in whose center chicken with mayonnaise is added. Some people also usually put tuna, variety of my preference. It is best to use the yellow potato for its preparation, it is softer, easier to cook and very delicious.

Cause Filled 

Lomo Saltado
My palate whispers thinking of Lomo Saltado, which is usually with beef (veal) cut into pieces and lightly cooked over low heat to catch a point of flavor. It is accompanied with double fries, made at the time. Feel the juicy rice with the tenderloin, it is a poetry to your sense. There are also chicken and fish.

Lomo Saltado