How is Valentine's Day celebrated in Peru?

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Do men spend the same as women? How many take advantage of the date to confess their love? These are some of the questions posed by the study.

Valentine's Day is a date that generates many expectations, especially in new couples. In Peru, the Picodi platform conducted a survey to determine how many Peruvians celebrate Valentine's Day, how much they spend on the date and to whom they usually give gifts.

73% of Peruvians surveyed admitted to celebrating Valentine's Day, while 27% said they did not.

Of the money they invest in gifts for Valentine's Day, those who spend the most are men, S/ 217 soles. Women, on the other hand, spend S/146. And on average, on February 14, those in love will spend S/192 soles.

As it is a date that celebrates love and friendship, on that day 70% of people will give something to their partner, 30% to a close friend, while 18% will give it to a relative and 10% will give a present to a colleague at work or at school.

Finally, on Valentine's Day, 13% of will take the opportunity to declare their love for that special person.