Is it safe for a single woman to travel in Peru?

Travelling in Peru as a solo female does not pose any more difficulty than what you'd expect when travelling elsewhere. As a largely macho and male-dominated society, you may find yourself receiving unwanted catcalls on the city streets but no more so than you would back home.

This is especially true of blonde, pale-skinned women that look so different to Peruvian women. As with anywhere in the world, avoid walking in unlit, quiet backstreets at night in the cities and travel with a Quechua-speaking guide when visiting remote Andean villages where strangers are looked upon with distrust. 

As a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, Peruvians do not reveal much flesh with large, ankle-length skirts and long-sleeve tops favoured by the women of the Andes. Even in the cities, most women dress conservatively though in the more affluent areas of Lima this is changing. However, to avoid causing offence or inviting any unwanted attention, stick to a minimum of knee-length shorts and skirts, and keep your shoulders and chest covered.