What is bus travel like in Peru?

Travelling by bus is one of the cheapest modes of transport in Peru and with a comprehensive network served by comfortable vehicles, it's also a favoured way of getting about by many travellers. Numerous companies operate tourist buses with large, reclining seats that have proper footrests and plenty of space. There's usually the added bonus of drink holders and blankets are generally provided for overnight journeys. These tourist buses also have air-conditioning and heating and even onboard toilets designed for urinary use only. Depending on the company and the route, snacks or a small meal may also be included in the cost of the ticket. 
Getting to Peru
Access by air:
  • Peru enjoys a privileged location in the heart of South America, turning International Airport Jorge Chavez (in Lima) into an international hub for tourism and several airlines that reach many destinations in South America.
  • There are direct and stop-over flights to Lima from the main capitals of the world.
The entry points by land are:
  • From Ecuador: Aguas Verdes (Tumbes) via the Panamericana Highway and La Tina (Piura) from the city of Loja (Ecuador).
  • From Bolivia: There are two crossings, Desaguadero and Kasani, for travelers coming from La Paz and Copacabana respectively.
  • From Chile: Paso the Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa Pass) (Tacna) via the Panamericana Highway
  • By River - Peru can be accessed by river. The Peruvian city of Iquitos can be accessed via the Amazon river from Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil).
  • By Lake -You can travel from Guaqui (Bolivia) to Puno via Lake Titicaca.
  • By Sea - Cruises put in mainly at the port of Callao (30 minutes from Lima)
Tourism Services
The tourism industry in the country has received a huge boost in the last few decades: major investment in hotels, new tourist routes and various services for relaxation and adventure are available throughout Peru, to suit different budgets and traveling styles.

However, visitors are advised to use travel agencies authorized by the National Tourism Board, as well as demanding confirmation of payment and a voucher specifying all the contracted services. Purchases made from people offering tourism services in the main squares and airports are not covered by payment or service guarantees.

IPeru is the System of Tourist Information and Assistance offered by PROMPERU free of charge through a network of offices across Peru, which provide the following services: Official tourist information about attractions, routes, destinations and companies offering tourism services.

Support and advice when the tourism services were not provided in accordance with the service offered by the tour operators, providing a suitable channel for advice and complaints.